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Chief Executive Officer

Stefano Finocchiaro is the Sole Director of Blubee s.r.l. He is responsible for the overall performance of the company. His current experience includes his role as CEO at ALTEA Group for 12 years. Stefano Finoccharo holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Catania and is currently following an Executive Master in Business Administration at the MIP Politecnico di Milano.


Agribusiness Manager

Maurizio Nicolosi is the agribusiness manager of Blubee s.r.l., member of the leadership team that manages the farm’s agricultural activities and the development of new agricultural businesses. Previously he co-managed the JUDEKA winery and still manages SAN MORO s.r.l. agricultural society. His career was initially built in the banking sector for about 20 years, and now he is part of the management team of the companies in which he is involved as partner.


Scouting and permitting Manager

Marco Laudani is in charge of the scouting and permitting activities of the agro-photovoltaic parks. He boasts a decade of experience in the sector, as administrator and founder of the company E-prima s.r.l., leader in Sicily in the development of authorization for ground photovoltaic systems.